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Can I Claim Against My Dentist?

A dentist is a medical professional, and as such, they have a duty of care for their patients. That means that when things go wrong, and it’s due to dentist negligence, you are able to make a claim for compensation. However, this doesn’t mean that a failed dental treatment is grounds for a claim. It […]

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What Constitutes As Dental Error?

When you go to your dentist for a check-up or a specialised advice, you will expect to receive the expertise knowledge and care from a medical professional at all times. While this is something everyone should come to expect of those training and working in the field of dentistry, the fact of the matter is […]

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3 Common Dental Negligence Stories

Dental negligence can be severe, and often results in pain and suffering for the patient who received substandard care. As with other forms of medical negligence, you will have a case if your dentist or dental care professional has failed in their duty to provide you with acceptable levels of care. The key term to […]

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5 Types of Dental Claims

If you have recently visited a dentist and believe that you have suffered an avoidable injury, then you may have a case to make a claim for Dental Malpractice. In cases where a registered dental practitioner has either performed their role poorly, inappropriately, or negligently, and you have suffered avoidable harm as a result, there […]

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Hospital mix-up leads to dental disaster

A young mother who went into hospital to have a tooth extracted thanked a solicitor specialising in dental negligence claims for helping her to resolve her case against Whipps Cross University Hospital. Katie Cross experienced painful and swollen gums, which should have been remedied by a simple tooth extraction. Unfortunately, due to a terrible mix-up […]

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