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Medical Negligence Solicitors in London

There are occasions when the treatment which is supposed to make a person feel better has an adverse effect, leaving them suffering unnecessarily. Whether caused by human error, negligence, or other avoidable reason, our medical negligence solicitors in London know that medical negligence can wreak lasting damage on a victim’s life and affect their close family and friends.

Talk to The Medical Negligence Experts if you believe you or your loved one has been injured from medical treatment. We handle claims relating to any medical negligence claims including hospital, GP, dentist and physiotherapy, in both the private and NHS arena.

No medical negligence claim is the same as any other. Even if the circumstances surrounding it are similar on the surface, your health and situation are unique.  We work hard to deliver a personal service, making an effort to know you and appreciate the impact your injury has had on your life.

To make claiming for medical negligence easy we offer free, no obligation legal advice to help you understand your options and what you need to do if you decide to pursue compensation. We also offer No Win No Fee* agreements so expert legal support is affordable for everyone. Contact The Medical Negligence Experts today to find out more.

Types of Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Medical negligence can appear in many forms. It may be a catastrophic error on the operating table with immediate impact, or it could be in the form of incorrectly prescribed medication leading to long term damage. Medical negligence lawyers can help if you are injured by any practitioner entrusted with your care – including those carrying out cosmetic and elective surgical procedures. Examples of medical negligence compensation claims we handle include:

Doctors & GP Negligence Claims in London

Claims against your GP or doctor can include those for medical misdiagnosis or mistreatment, as well as failing to administer treatment or medication. Your GP is typically your first port of call when you have health concerns. If they let you down by not making sufficient effort to diagnose your illness correctly or in any other way, The Medical Negligence Experts have the skill and experience you need to claim compensation successfully.

Hospital Negligence Claims in London

Compensation claims for hospital treatment can be due to human error,  such as mistakes made during surgery. Another type of claim is for hospital-acquired infections, where it is proven inadequate hygiene procedures caused them; and hospital negligence where defined procedures are not done correctly, if at all.

Negligence Claims Against the NHS in London

Given that the majority of medical procedures are carried out by NHS employed staff, it makes sense that most medical negligence claims made in the UK are against the NHS. The NHS Litigation Authority handles all claims against the organisation and our medical negligence lawyers in London are very familiar with their processes.

Medical Negligence Claims in London

Some compensation claims are caused by human error while others are for injuries sustained through institutional failings. If you have received a standard of care below what can reasonably be expected, resulting in a new injury or the worsening of an existing condition, The Medical Negligence Experts can help you.

Dental Negligence Claims in London

Whether you sought dental treatment privately or through an NHS dentist, you may be entitled to claim compensation if their negligence or mistakes have caused damage to your teeth or oral health. Examples of successful applications include incorrect or unnecessary tooth extractions, avoidable infection, and errors when fitting implants and bridges.

Medical negligence lawyers successfully obtained compensation payment for a client who, as the result of mistakes made by her dentist in detecting and treating tooth decay, lost four teeth unnecessarily. Her compensation amount allowed not only for physical damage, but also included payment for the pain and suffering she endured as the result of having tooth implants to replace those lost.

Surgical Error Claims in London

Patients worried about undergoing surgery can usually calm their nerves by reassuring themselves what is unusual for them is something their surgical team does many times a day. Despite their skill and experience, it is possible for mistakes to happen in the lead up to surgery, during the procedure, or in a patient’s post-surgical care, resulting in successful claims for compensation for surgical errors.

Care Home Negligence Claims in London

When you can’t provide the care your loved one needs you may turn to a professionally run care home for support, believing they will deliver the necessary mix of hospital and home. Unfortunately, not all care homes fail to reach acceptable standards. Successful care home claims range from bed sores to death, making it crucial you work with a specialist medical negligence solicitor for the best possible outcome.

As their name implies, care homes have a duty of care to their residents, regardless of their age or medical needs. Neglect and mistakes in care can happen due to poor training, inadequate staffing levels, or simple human error, leaving the elderly and most vulnerable at risk from easily avoidable conditions like dehydration and malnutrition, bedsores, receiving the wrong medication, or lack of support and supervision resulting in falls and fractures.

Pregnancy and Birth Claims in London

Poor care during pregnancy, errors made by medical staff during the birth, or negligence in the post-natal care of mother and baby can be catastrophic, particularly for infants whose developing bodies are so delicate and susceptible to damage.

Cerebral palsy is an example of a condition that can be caused by clinical negligence. It can happen when a condition such as neonatal jaundice is missed, but it more typically results from a baby being deprived of oxygen either before or during birth because a midwife or doctor has either not correctly identified when a baby is in distress, or not acted properly to prevent injury.

A client contacted their medical injury lawyer on behalf of their child with dyskinetic cerebral palsy. Their son was completely reliant on a wheelchair, and also struggled with speech and communication. His parents believed his cerebral palsy was the result of inadequate monitoring of his heartbeat during labour. By the time the antenatal team had realised he was in distress and arranged an emergency Caesarean section, he had already suffered irreversible brain damage and faced a lifetime of disability before he was even born.

Working with the family and independent medical experts, lawyers were able to prove the negligence of hospital staff during labour, linking the child’s cerebral palsy to negligence and errors. The subsequent compensation payment allowed the family to adapt their home to suit their son’s needs better, and has reassured them that they have the money to support the medical care and treatment he will require for the rest of his life.

Prescription Error Claims in London

If you have received the wrong type of medication, either because it has been prescribed or dispensed incorrectly, and it has damaged your health, talk to The Medical Negligence Experts. Our medical negligence solicitors in London have helped clients successfully claim compensation for injury caused by both types errors, including those caused by labelling mistakes, incorrect dosages, and drugs administered in the wrong way.

Eye Injury Claims in London

The Medical Negligence Experts are skilled at handling claims resulting from errors during laser eye surgery. We also represent clients claiming for other types of ophthalmological treatments like glaucoma, cataracts, and corneal surgery. We can also help if a condition was delayed or misdiagnosed, resulting in damage to your sight.

Physiotherapist Claims in London

Our clients have successfully claimed compensation for poor treatment received from physiotherapists working for the NHS and in private practice. If you believe poor physiotherapy treatment caused your injury, then you may have grounds for a valid claim.

Cosmetic Surgery Negligence in London

As they become more affordable, the number and variety of cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in the UK are rising amongst both men and women. Unfortunately, the cosmetic surgery industry is not as highly regulated as other medical professions, potentially leading to painful and disfiguring results. The Medical Negligence Experts have assisted clients to obtain compensation for damage caused by laser hair removal, rhinoplasty and other surgical alterations, and even severe reactions to skin and hair dye.

Claiming Compensation for Medical Negligence in London

If you’re still not sure whether you have cause to claim compensation for medical negligence, talk to The Medical Negligence Experts. Our legal team will be happy to give you advice about your injury and the circumstances around it, helping you determine whether you can claim and, if so, what your next steps should be.

To successfully claim compensation for medical negligence you – together with your lawyers – will need to show two things. The first is that you were genuinely injured. This may mean that your original condition was made worse, such as in the case of misdiagnosis, or that you developed an entirely new condition. Your claim also needs to prove that another person’s mistake or negligence was responsible. Once we have established you have a valid cause to claim, our job is to build the body of evidence necessary to prove this.

While there will be slight variations for some clients, the standard process for claiming compensation for medical negligence is:

  1. Assessing your Case

Before you can decide whether to make a claim, you need to determine whether you have grounds to do so. Talking to a legal advisor can help clarify whether your injury qualifies for payment of damages and whether there is someone who can be held responsible.

  1. Deciding how to Fund Your Claim

Will you use a No Win No Fee* agreement for your legal fees, or do you already have insurance which covers any expenses?

  1. Research and investigation

Once you have decided to proceed with your claim and know how your costs will be covered, your legal team can get to work on building the case to support your request. This typically involves obtaining your medical records, but can also include an assessment and report from an independent medical expert, and statements from other patients who have experienced similar concerns from the same practitioner or facility if applicable.

  1. Claim Settlement

The more extensive or severe your injury is, the longer your claim is likely to take. Medical compensation requests for brain or spinal damage can take up to three years while experts determine the extent of your injury and provide a prognosis. In these instances, we can request an interim compensation payment to help cover expenses like adapting your home, accessing specialist medical care or nursing support, and replacing lost income if you are unable to work while you are recovering.

Your solicitor will submit your request to the party you believe is responsible. Their lawyers will review the evidence and either make an offer or deny responsibility. Your solicitor will discuss any compensation offer with you before accepting on your behalf, using their experience and payments from comparable compensation cases to determine what is a reasonable offer.

  1. Going to Court

If there is any dispute over culpability or you are unable to reach an agreement on a fair amount of compensation, your medical negligence solicitor may recommend your claim go to court. This is the last resort and happens in only a small number of claims – less than 5% of NHS medical negligence claims end up in court. A judge will assess your application, examine the evidence, and made a ruling over whether compensation should be awarded and how much you will receive.

With The Medical Negligence Experts on your side, you can focus on your recovery without worry about whether your claim will be successful and how you will pay for legal advice and representation. Our lawyers will be with you each step of the way to make sure you have every possible opportunity for obtaining maximum compensation for your injury.

The easiest way to find out whether you can make a claim is simply to call us or contact us online and talk to one of our friendly legal experts for quality advice.

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As every medical case is different, the amount of compensation paid out can differ. Varying factors lead to the final figure include: Level of negligence, earnings missed out on, future losses and more.

Our experienced team of experts will give you an indication of how much you could potentially claim.

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We understand that when making a claim it’s important to know what to expect and when to expect it. That’s why we make the process as transparent as possible.

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