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How to Make a GP Negligence Claim

It’s never easy to start the process of making a compensation claim against your GP. It is especially stressful if you are already going through the adverse effects of a GP’s negligence. However, GP’s have a legal requirement of care, and if they fail in that duty, then you may find that you are entitled […]

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A Guide to Making Nerve Damage Claims

During surgery, doctors have to take great care not to damage nerves. Unfortunately, they are not always successful. Nerve damage is consistently one of the most common mistakes made during surgical procedures, and the effects both short-term and long-term can be very challenging. Not only is there the risk of becoming the victim of severe […]

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How do I Make a Misdiagnosis Claim?

Medical professionals, from medical secretaries to specialists, have a duty of care, but many people are unaware that this is a legal obligation. It means that there is legal recourse for those that feel their health has been negatively affected by misdiagnosis. Doctors accept responsibility for their patients, and failing to diagnose a  medical issue […]

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7 Tips to Follow If You Have Experienced Medical Negligence

Millions of us undergo treatment at the doctors, dentist or a hospital every year and the risks of suffering a medical negligence error is ever increasing. In fact, the latest statistics published by the NHS Litigation Authority stated that in 2016-17, over 17,300 claims arose from various forms of medical negligence [1]. Our team at […]

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5 Types of Dental Claims

If you have recently visited a dentist and believe that you have suffered an avoidable injury, then you may have a case to make a claim for Dental Malpractice. In cases where a registered dental practitioner has either performed their role poorly, inappropriately, or negligently, and you have suffered avoidable harm as a result, there […]

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Can I Claim For Sepsis Negligence?

When the human body is fighting an infection, the immune system responds proactively. While this is essential, it can result in side-effects such as inflammation all over the body and potential damage to both organs and body tissue. This is known as sepsis, and the results can be life-threatening if mistreated. That’s why early diagnosis […]

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How to Claim Compensation From the NHS

Although the NHS is a British institution that is well-respected around the world, occasionally, things can go wrong. If you have suffered any form of injury as the direct result of medical treatment, you are entitled to make a legal claim for some form of compensation. That compensation can also be claimed if you are […]

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Medical Negligence Claims: A Guide

Everybody makes mistakes at times, but when a medical professional is negligent, it can cause a serious reduction in quality of life. If you believe that a Doctor or Nurse has been responsible for your negative medical treatment, then you will need to be able to prove that negligence before any medical negligence compensation can […]

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Vaginal mesh claims

Why Have Incontinence Negligence Compensation Claims Soared?

Why Have Incontinence Negligence Compensation Claims Soared? One of the biggest recent stories in the world of medical negligence claims is for failing treatment for incontinence in women. A BBC report found that more than 800 women are claiming compensation from the NHS and the manufacturers of the different types of vaginal mesh used in […]

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