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What Is Cosmetic Surgery Negligence?

Cosmetic surgery has been soaring in popularity in the last decade, with an increasing number of people turning to the medical professionals to achieve the body or face they have always wanted. Whether your choice to get cosmetic surgery is to feel better about your appearance, to alleviate discomfort after an accident or trauma, or […]

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What Constitutes As Dental Error?

When you go to your dentist for a check-up or a specialised advice, you will expect to receive the expertise knowledge and care from a medical professional at all times. While this is something everyone should come to expect of those training and working in the field of dentistry, the fact of the matter is […]

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3 Common Eye Surgery Claims

Losing vision is one of the biggest fears for many people. Suffering from the loss of eyesight can transform your life, and if the reasons for your loss of vision could have been avoided, then the impact can be even worse from a psychological perspective. In cases where someone loses their sight due to medical […]

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3 Common Dental Negligence Stories

Dental negligence can be severe, and often results in pain and suffering for the patient who received substandard care. As with other forms of medical negligence, you will have a case if your dentist or dental care professional has failed in their duty to provide you with acceptable levels of care. The key term to […]

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Is it Possible to Sue the NHS?

Despite the current political climate, the NHS remains one of the most respected institutions in the country. However, with the incredibly high number of patients that they see every day, as well as the endless variety of medical procedures and surgeries, there are inevitably going to be mistakes made. Nobody wants to sue the NHS, […]

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How to Make a GP Negligence Claim

It’s never easy to start the process of making a compensation claim against your GP. It is especially stressful if you are already going through the adverse effects of a GP’s negligence. However, GP’s have a legal requirement of care, and if they fail in that duty, then you may find that you are entitled […]

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A Guide to Making Nerve Damage Claims

During surgery, doctors have to take great care not to damage nerves. Unfortunately, they are not always successful. Nerve damage is consistently one of the most common mistakes made during surgical procedures, and the effects both short-term and long-term can be very challenging. Not only is there the risk of becoming the victim of severe […]

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How do I Make a Misdiagnosis Claim?

Medical professionals, from medical secretaries to specialists, have a duty of care, but many people are unaware that this is a legal obligation. It means that there is legal recourse for those that feel their health has been negatively affected by misdiagnosis. Doctors accept responsibility for their patients, and failing to diagnose a  medical issue […]

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