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What Falls Under Cosmetic Negligence?

As the popularity of cosmetic treatments rises throughout the UK, the risk for cosmetic negligence, unfortunately, does too. As with all medical negligence claims, knowing what qualifies as negligence is half the battle. Only then can you assess whether you are able to make a successful claim. The problem with cosmetic negligence is that it […]

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How Do I Claim Against A Hospital?

Though the NHS is famed for its healthcare provision to people all over the country, there are times when these high standards slip between the net. Whether your doctor has failed to provide you with proper aftercare, given you incorrect medication, or was unable to give an accurate diagnosis, these problems are only rising now […]

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Suing The NHS: Am I Eligible?

The NHS work tirelessly to provide medical treatment wherever – and whenever – it’s needed. Despite the benefits and positives of the British healthcare system, this does not mean that negligence or mistakes do not happen – and, despite the fact the NHS are the world leader’s in healthcare, this does not mean that you […]

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Making an Injury Claim: What to Know

Suffering through an injury is painful enough, but this can be worsened when the accident wasn’t your fault. The experience can be traumatic, and leave you with not only a physical injury, but a psychological one, too. It’s important to know your options if you have suffered through an injury and are looking to make […]

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What to Do When Making A Medical Claim

If you’ve been subjected to medical negligence and have made the decision to make a claim against it, then there are a few things you need to consider. Medical negligence means that a healthcare professional has neglected their duties and caused an accident or issue for you personally, through no fault of your own. However, […]

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Steps To Take After Experiencing Medical Negligence

Medical negligence comes in many forms, but the bottom line is that you have suffered either physical or mental illness or harm during the course of medical treatment, as the direct result of healthcare professionals working below the expected standard. The Medical Negligence Experts are professionally trained in getting you the compensation you deserve. Should […]

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