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Warning to Parents After Missed Sepsis Symptoms Leads to Misdiagnosis

A mother of two from Benburb, County Tyrone, is warning parents to ‘trust their instincts’ after her 10-month-old son’s life-threatening sepsis was misdiagnosed as tonsillitis. Acacia Bell claims that numerous medical staff failed to identify her son’s symptoms as sepsis on multiple occasions. While medical professionals insisted that her son, Shane Og Kerr, had tonsillitis, […]

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Can I Claim Against My Dentist?

A dentist is a medical professional, and as such, they have a duty of care for their patients. That means that when things go wrong, and it’s due to dentist negligence, you are able to make a claim for compensation. However, this doesn’t mean that a failed dental treatment is grounds for a claim. It […]

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Can I Sue the NHS for Medical Negligence?

The NHS has an established process in place for complaints and for medical negligence claims. Your first step to making a claim for negligence should be to determine that you have a case. If you merely intend to make a complaint about poor treatment, then this will require a very different set of steps. However, […]

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Making a Medical Negligence Claim: A How-To

The medical community has a series of safeguards in place intended to protect patients. From hospital visits to your local GP, your healthcare is a priority. That’s why the right training is essential, and why focus is put on aspects of healthcare such as hospital waiting times. Despite the safeguards, mistakes and accidents can still […]

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Medical Misdiagnosis: What You Need To Know

Contracting a serious illness can be a distressing time for both you and your family. However, this can be worsened by a medical misdiagnosis, which can often lead to more stress put upon the patient, more extensive treatment, and longer illness lengths. If you believe that you have been subjected to a medical misdiagnosis, read […]

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What To Do After Experiencing Hospital Malpractice

Hospital malpractice can be extremely upsetting and difficult to navigate when you experience it, especially since you should put your health first at all times during the process. However, if you have experienced hospital negligence, you should make a claim as soon as possible to ensure that your case receives the investigation that it deserves. […]

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