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A Break Down Of A No Win No Fee Claim

Choosing to make a claim against the NHS or hospital you have received care at can be complicated, and you may have the added pressure of stress concerning money. When deciding what course of legal action is right for you, you should consider the different options that could benefit you. No Win No Fee medical […]

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Understanding Medical Misdiagnosis: A Guide

Medical Misdiagnosis is a substantial part of NHS claims and complaints. However, it is also often misunderstood. For example, you cannot file a complaint if you are simply unhappy with your diagnosis or do not believe that it is correct. This guide will explain the basics of misdiagnosis claims and enable you to understand whether […]

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Hospital Negligence: What You Need To Know

NHS hospitals generally provide an undeniable level of care towards their patients. However, if you believe you or a family member has been the recipient of negligence in hospitals while using NHS services, then you may be eligible to make a claim against the NHS and glean compensation. This guide will help to explain the […]

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Am I Eligible To Make a Claim Against The NHS?

The NHS is the biggest public healthcare service in the world and performs hundreds of procedures each year without issue. However, whether down to human error or negligence, mistakes can sometimes occur which can put you and your family at risk. If you are considering making a claim against the NHS, this guide will help […]

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A Guide to Pharmacy Negligence Claims

Pharmacists are registered doctors and as such any mishandling of your prescriptions is a case of medical negligence. In some cases, the negligence can stem all the way back to your doctor as well, as is the case of poorly handwritten prescription notes. Prescription negligence or pharmacy negligence can have devastating consequences.   What Are […]

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Clinical Negligence: 4 Questions, Answered

Almost every medical process features some form of risk to a patient. It is, however, a healthcare practitioner’s job to ensure they take every possible measure to avoid a patient sustaining an injury, illness or poor outcome. Yet, it is important to note that not every injury or outcome experienced will be a result of […]

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