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£600m allocated for clinical negligence and personal injury claims against Welsh NHS

Welsh Conservatives have slammed the ‘staggering’ £600+ million allocated to cover the cost of clinical negligence and personal injury claims against the NHS. The most recent figures indicate the Welsh Government have provisioned £682m to Welsh Risk Pool Services – the organisation responsible for reimbursing Welsh NHS bodies for losses in excess of £25,000. The […]

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Sepsis campaign launched in the UK

A campaign is underway to warn people about one of the UK’s biggest killers – and the source of thousands of medical negligence claims – sepsis. Sepsis (also known as septicaemia) is when the body’s immune system is overwhelmed by an infection, causing complications including body-wide inflammation and blood clots. Around 44,000 UK deaths each […]

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Hospital mix-up leads to dental disaster

A young mother who went into hospital to have a tooth extracted thanked a solicitor specialising in dental negligence claims for helping her to resolve her case against Whipps Cross University Hospital. Katie Cross experienced painful and swollen gums, which should have been remedied by a simple tooth extraction. Unfortunately, due to a terrible mix-up […]

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